In the square of the village, under the big plane tree in the beautiful environment and by the historical church of The Assumption of Virgin Mary, a Tavern is open throughout the year, with traditional tidbits, pies from Ipeiros etc.

You will be astonished by the hospitality.














A Guest Place exists and everyone has the ability to stay after contacting the Person in charge,


Phone number and fax: (+30)2655024687

Sell phone: (+30)6974359513 (+30)6932660070








In a terrific landscape, among the firs, in the start of the road that leads to Smolikas and to Drakolimni, in the entry of the village, as we come from the Konitsa, a specifically shaped space with taste and faith in the tradition exists, where you can enjoy a variety of food, traditional recipes, roasts in the coals, and regularly with live music with instruments and clarinets of our land.








A remarkable event is also the making of raki which takes place in Anassas House every autumn, with food and much fun.


Phone number: (+30) 6973792371

































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